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Sonrise Masonry, we’re all about top quality and customer service. We are family owned and operated and specialize in stone remodeling, re-stoning, hardscaping, restoration and repair, commercial repair and maintenance and chimney repair. Our masonry workers are licensed and insured. They are experts in all aspects masonry work. Our customers most appreciate that fact that our team is friendly, personable, professional, and always shows up on time and leaves the area cleaner than they found it. We have found that some people try to do masonry repairs themselves but realize after getting started that they have underestimated the time and complexity involved. After a period of frustration they realize they need professionals to help. If that’s you, we can fix whatever things you may have messed up or pick up wherever you left off. We give our customers peace of mind. If the brick on the front of your home is in need of repair, if your chimney is falling apart, if your brick or stone has become discolored, if you want to replace your vinyl siding with a stone or brick face call us.

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Repairing. It’s a fact. Not everyone in the Kansas City area has used Sonrise Masonry and therefore may not have had the proper materials used or the appropriate waterproofing completed on previous masonry jobs at your house or business. Your chimney may be showing signs of disrepair. These things need to be repaired. While some repairs might seem purely cosmetic that is not the case when you have possible foundation issues with your brick or stone. If these are not repaired you could have major structural shifting or your could have major water damage. You need a masonry company that can not only repair the damage but also guarantee that it won’t happen again. We guarantee our work for 10 years. So we bring peace of mind with our work.


Restoring. You may have some old pictures of your house or business and you see there has been quite a change in the look of your building over the years. Some areas of the structure may have turned a different color due to the wind, rain and snow over the years. You may have a retaining wall that no longer looks good. You may have a fountain that needs to be spruced up or a garden wall that you would like to redo. Items don’t always have to be cracked or broken to be restored. It could be that you just want to modernize what you already have. We have very knowledgeable consultants that can meet with you to help you decide how to restore your masonry.


Renovation. You may have a house that has vinyl siding and you would like to change it. You may want to have a brick face, stone face, stucco finish or a terra cotta finish. You may want to put in a fireplace in a room where there is none. You may want to put a fire pit in the back yard for barbecuing. You may want to build a fountain in your back or front yard. There are a number of renovations that you can make to your home or business with masonry. We have been in business for over 30 years and have many completed many renovation projects that we can show you to give you some ideas. We have masonry consultants that can come out to meet with you to discuss your ideas and provide new ones if you like. These consultations are free of charge.


JD was excellent to work with. He offered creative solutions in order to provide the best look for our house. He was always available to answer questions and very professional. His team that performed the job was also professional and courteous. The job was completed in the estimated time frame and the outcome was excellent. I would certainly recommend Sonrise Masonry.


– Customer Review on Angie’s List

Sonrise Masonry serving the greater Kansas City area

We at Sonrise Masonry are very excited about what our company has become. We started with an idea that we wanted to help people with their masonry needs in a cost effective manner. We started small with just a few customers but grew quickly as our reputation for high quality work spread. At the beginning we only serviced homes and businesses in Kansas City but now serve quite a few neighboring towns. We currently have customers in Independence, Raytown, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Parkview, Overland Park, Olathe, Shawnee, Leawood, Prairie Village, Merriam, and Bonner Springs.

We take great pride in the work we do. It is important to us to not only get the technical work completed correctly but to do it in a professional and timely manner. We enjoy our work. We like knowing that we have saved homeowners and businesses money in both the short term and long term. The project work cost is fair and problems down the road are prevented.

We repair all kinds of masonry problems. If there are cracks in the foundation or basement walls of your home, these need to be fixed as soon as possible. When there are cracks in the foundation, serious damage can result in your house as it begins to shift. It can cause damage to your internal and exterior walls, ceilings, floors and roof. If you don’t get the foundation fixed you could be looking at a much more expensive job in the near future. Concrete is made up of cement, gravel, sand and water. When the concrete is mixed, the water evaporates and the concrete cures. When it cures the concrete shrinks slightly and hairline cracks often occur. When the house settles or the ground beneath the house shifts these cracks can grow larger. Most times these cracks don’t cause the structural integrity of the house to weaken but sometimes they do. Our experts can test and see if the cracks are causing structural damage to your house. An in-depth evaluation is always prudent. Keep in mind that even if there is no structural damage, groundwater can seep in and cause water damage. Depending on the severity of the cracks we will use either hydraulic cement or an epoxy-injection system. We will create injection ports, fill the ports with sealer, spread the sealer along the cracks, inject epoxy into the cracks, seal up and cut away the ports. Our workers know the exact proportion of sealer and epoxy to use and how to apply it properly.

Masonry restoration can be tearing the masonry down and rebuilding to sealing and cleaning an existing building. Some buildings have lime based mortar and some have cement based mortar. The lime based mortar is much softer than the cement based mortar. Masonry restoration should be performed with lime based mortar because it creates a more flexible and softer bond. There are important differences between the methods used to restore a building that is 150 years old with that of a building that is 75 years old. Different yet are houses that are 50 years old versus houses that are 10 years old. Our workers do a history of the building before any work is done. This is not a cookie cutter operation. Each restoration project is different and may need different restoration methods and materials. Whether to seal or not to seal is a big decision. Sometimes it is best not to seal an older building. But sometimes it is. Our experts can make that call. So if the concrete surface of your house is deteriorating, weakening or just doesn’t look as good as it used to, masonry restoration is what you need. We treat discolored and stained areas. We reconstruct damaged mortar joints. We do tuckpointing repairs as well. We apply water repellents. We restore old damaged, stained and weather beaten masonry to its original look.

Okay, you want something brand new. You want a new fireplace or you need to replace a chimney. You need to replace a stone retaining wall. You want a fountain. You want to redo the front of your house with stone or stucco. You need to replace a stone patio. You need to replace the stone veneer on your house. Our engineer(s) will do a condition survey and review the structural capacity and durability of item you want renovated. We will demolish the walls, the old fireplace, and any old structure that needs to be replaced. We will then do the toothing, cutting and patching and all the replacement necessary including lintels, needling and shoring. We will make sure your new look is not only beautiful but also waterproof, corrosion protected and structurally strong and sound.

I think you can see that we are very serious about being your “everything” masonry company. No job is too small or too big.

Kansas City and the area we serve

The Kansas City metropolitan area consists of 15 counties. Most of our customers live in the largest two – Johnson County, KS and Jackson County, MO. It is a great place to live and raise kids. The cities and towns that we serve include Overland Park, Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas, Independence, Olathe, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Leawood, Shawnee, Lenexa, Olathe, Gardner, De Soto, Basehor, Piper, Parkville, Leavenworth, Prairie Village, Merriam, Mission, Roeland Park, Fairway, Lake Quivira, Mission Hills, Mission Woods, Westwood, Westwood Hills and Bonner Springs.

There are four professional sports teams – the Kansas City Royals, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Missouri Mavericks and Sporting Kansas City. When we are not doing masonry work many of us here at Sonrise Masonry can be found supporting one of these teams.